Her and His Reviews

September 2011

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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There are always two sides to everything, right? Well, the truth is there are many more than that! To keep our car reviews innovative and well-rounded, we are providing you with not just one, but two points of view on the same exact vehicle – Her and His perspectives.

Her: Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate,women-drivers.com
His: Don Hammonds, Writer, AutomobileJournal.com 

MSRP:$38,775 MSRP:$38,775
The MKZ with a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine in a hybrid power train package has some real get up and go compared to its rivals. It is distinctly similar to the Ford Fusion Hybrid, both in performance and in interior styling, although it's an upgrade, of course. 2.5 liter four cylinder engine in a hybrid power train package, backed up buy E-CVT automatic transmission. Car feels lively and responsive, similar in feel to Ford's Fusion Hybrid.
Fuel Economy
41 city/36 highway Among the best in the entry level luxury car category. 41 city/36 highway
The Car
Kudos to Lincoln, who has stalled in the past few years; this model is a winner. While value is its mantra, this model is not overly contemporary, especially on the inside, it looks so Ford. Having said that, it is still in the 'entry' luxury class and beats the Lexus 250h hands down. I drove the car 1100 miles in three days and the car handled with aplomb ?? while saving hundreds of dollars in gas money, mind you. The MKZ Hybrid certainly does everything right: Excellent fuel economy, almost peerless construction quality, lots of awards for value and quality control, etc. But the interior is hopelessly outdated despite an updated dashboard and good interior room, and presentation and appearance of the interior is not up to luxury car standards.
Standard front and side impact airbags, side curtain airbags and driver's air bags. ABS, Anti-theft system, Post Crash system, Tire Pressure Monitoring. Dual stage front air bags, perimeter anti-theft system, SOS Post Crash system, etc.
Sync Voice Activated system, Post Crash System, Rear View Camera, Navigation system with voice activation, Cross Traffic Alert. Smart Gauge with EcoGuide is a very cool interactive feature that provides the driver positive feedback on maximizing fuel economy and performance. First of course, this has the Ford Motor Company's Sync Voice Activated system, a complicated affair that you are best operating when the car is stationary, not in traffic despite the fact that its voice activated. Other technology of note: SmartGauge with Ecoguide, heated power mirrors , SOS post crash system, reverse sensing system, navigation package with voice activation, BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert, rear view video camera, etc.
Aesthetics & Styling
It's a best seller for Lincoln, so the design is appreciated at some level. AS stated earlier, is simply too close to the Fusion with lots of plastic and generic looking touch points on the interior. A great performing hybrid, it would not take much to jazz up this model. Nothing to write home about. MKZ gets good mileage, and it's well put together, but the $38,775 price tag will get you a bunch of entry level luxury sports sedans that have a lot more charisma, style and glamour--and that's what buyers of these cars want. Ford will have to act fast not to let this car die on the vine.
4 year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, 6 year/ 70,000 mile warranty on power train, and an 8 year/100,000-mile warranty on hybrid components. Four years, 50,000 miles warranty, 6 year, 70,000 mile warranty on power train.