Her and His Reviews

October 14, 2009

2009 Chrysler 300 Touring
2009 Chrysler 300

There are always two sides to everything, right? Well, the truth is there are many more than that! To keep our car reviews innovative and well-rounded, we are providing you with not just one, but two points of view on the same exact vehicle – Her and His perspectives.

Her: Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate,women-drivers.com
His: Chuck Kerber, Writer, AutomobileJournal.com

Anne Chuck
MSRP:$33,925 as tested
A 3.5 liter engine carries 250 horsepower - powerful enough on level roads, but a tad slow to respond to accelerating. Auto 5 speed transmission allows for a more powerful drive 3.5 liter high output overhead cam 24 valve V-6 engine generating 250 horsepower at 6400 RPM with 250 feet torque at 3800 RPM. 5-Speed Automatic Transmission with Auto-Stick that provides clutch-less shifting.
Fuel Economy
17 miles in city; 23 in city. When will the hybrid of more ecomical performing model be introduced? 17 city/23 highway
The Car
The Chrysler 300 Touring is a swanky looking car. As a through-n-through 'grill girl' this car has a fantastic aggressive front and a sophisticated, sizeable design

Interior is roomy for the family or an evening out for two

Easy, adjustable seating and leather, heated seats provide for a comfortable ride. Dual zone temperature control in front.

Steering was loose; responsiveness slow

Trim, design and color palate inside are sharp and aesthetically pleasing. Position of instrument and LED color combinations and brightness all easy to read.

Extensive trunk capacity is roomy enough for a family's pullmans, duffels and coolers for a day or longer road trip.

With weight of car over 3,700 pounds, would like to drive on a slick or snowy East Coast day. Road tested in October, 09.

Multiple child seat upper tether anchorages in back seat; rear seats provide a 60/40 split

MP3 and IPod interface available

Since the introduction of the 300 in 2005, Chrysler has enjoyed many positive accolades from car enthusiasts, as well as every-day drivers. With its Bentley-esque front end, large door panels with undersized side windows and sleek back end, the 300 is a design phenomenon. The large sedan is visually appealing, and mimics a much pricier European luxury sedan.

The car drives well, but seems underpowered and has underwhelming acceleration. Steering is ordinary, and often feels a bit too soft. Average braking and handling can seem less than secure at times.

The cabin is comfortable and the instrument panel is easy to read and navigate. Large leather seats provide plenty of comfort for long trips. Power adjustable pedals provide a tailored driving experience for the driver.

Design-wise, the most bothersome is the substandard plastic and chrome center console. It almost looks like Chrysler outsourced this particular portion of the car to the same companies that mass produce artificial, synthetic toy parts.

Advanced Multistage Front Air Bags & Side Curtain Air Bags, Power Trunk-lid Release, ABS, and Electronic Stability Control. Received a 2009 rating of 5 Stars from the NHSTA for front impact crash test. Sentry key theft deterrent. Advanced Multistage Front Air Bags, Power Trunk-lid Release, Supplemental Side Curtain Air Bags, Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Control
Keyless entry and remote starter is standard. SIRIUS satellite is available for one year free. The sound and speakers are average - an opportunity for Chrysler to upgrade. NAV system with GPS. The Chrysler 300 doesn't have all of the electronic goodies that many other comparable vehicles do. While not a technological marvel, it comes standard with an electroluminescent instrument cluster, and one-year Sirius satellite radio. The four-speaker sound system is average at best. Remote keyless entry is standard.
Aesthetics & Styling
Can you say 'hot'? This car, with its impeccable forward design, has worked well for Chrysler, expanding the 300's consumer profile. With great curb appeal, the car gets looks from a wide array of on-lookers. The Chrysler 300 is a visual stunner. With silky and lustrous lines, it's no wonder why this vehicle has been such a successful model for the American car company. Large 18-inch wheels add to the allure. Aftermarket chrome grills can boost aesthetics and let the owner personalize the car for their particular taste.
36,000/ 3 years 36,000 miles, 36 months.
Non-tangibles / Other
There remains an opportunity for Chrysler to add refined safety, responsiveness, and technology features to create more value for consumers in this heavy traffic price segment. Assembled in Ontario, Canada The Chrysler 300 is a beautiful car, but lacks the refinement and performance of a true European sedan. The lofty price doesn't match the car's average performance and lackluster interior. If you're looking for sportiness and value, go for a used Mercedes Bens E-Class or BMW 5-Series.