Why Women

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New Platform. New Future.
Women have a voice, and Women-Drivers.com amplifies it. Our platform showcases reviews and experiences, by women for women, and highlights dealers who engage in exceptional consumer experiences. Consumers no longer waste time looking through mixed reviews to find one from other women.

Gender is a top filter of how humans experience the world. We get it, there is no universality of women. While other car dealer rating sites show a mixed bag of reviews, ours is more focused. Women want authentic reviews. These endorsements are relatable and are a litmus test of how trustworthy a dealer is.

While there are hundreds of associations, groups and organizations committed to the advancement of womenâ??s initiatives, having a platform focused on car dealer reviews, allows these buyers to be heard, share, be empowered, save time, acknowledge, and make a difference.

Women buy 45% of vehicles at new car dealers autonomously and have purchased an estimated 38 million new vehicles in the past 5 years1. Buying in an environment of trust is the top reported reason women purchase2.

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