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Vacation Checklist

May 4, 2010 / 

Ahhhh…vacation. This is a special time for you to get away, catch your breath and relax. Whether you are traveling abroad, cross country or across the state, in addition to your clothes, footwear and toiletries, use this checklist to ensure you remember all those necessities for your vacation.

  • Photo ID and Tickets  including airline tickets or e-tickets, Driver’s license, Passport or Visa
  • GPS, Maps, Guidebook
  • Currency, Credit Cards and Checks
  • Reservations for airline, hotel, cruise, etc.
  • Cell phones, charger, iPods, MP3, and electronic devices
  • Digital camera, charger, batteries
  • Entertainment including DVD’s, CD’s, games, etc.
  • Children or infant necessities
  • Oil, extra fuses
  • Emergency kit, First-aid kit
  • Eyewear and Sunglasses
  • Food and drink
  • Auto club membership
  • Medical cards and prescription information
  • Spare keys
  • License, registration, proof of insurance