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Tips to Protect Your Home While Away

May 4, 2010 / 

Home sweet home.

Before you leave for a road trip or vacation, rremember to take care of things at home to protect it from thieves or burglars while you are away.

Did You Know?

When you share your vacation and travel plans with all your ‘friends’ on Facebook, you could well be alerting potential thieves. While it may be tempting, do not, update statuses, blog or post photos of your vacation activities on social networking sites until you come home. You can never be sure about the intentions of unknown people added as friends on your Facebook page.

  • Contact the post office and stop mail and newspaper delivery during the days you will not be home.
  • Test in advance and make sure your home security system is working properly and tuned on prior to leaving. Also, secure all windows and door locks.
  •  Rotate light timers to go on and off at random times.
  •  Have your trusted neighbors keep an eye on your home. Leave your itinerary with them and cell phone number(s) so they can contact you easily in case of emergency. Leave a spare key with them also.
  • Let your local police department know of your being away.
  • Do not blog with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers your vacation plans and activities. It may be tempting, but do not share.
  • When going away, be cognizant about the exterior of your home. Hire a lawn service or use a trusted neighbor to keep lawn tidy and mowed.
  • Have a trusted neighbor park their car in your driveway occasionally.