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Test Drive: Buy the Car that’s Right for You

September 14, 2014 / 

While you have done research on your dream car and read reviews of car buyers to learn about their experiences, when it comes to buying a car, we highly recommended you take the car out for more than ‘a spin’ before you close the deal.

If you are the buying the latest models that look sleek and stunning, then there are some features that you want to pause and make sure you are comfortable with:

  1. Driver side and passenger mirrors have become much larger. Be sure when you are at a stop sign or merging that you can see beyond or above the mirror and that it is not impeding your views.
  2. The headrests in the new car models are larger than/then the last model you may have purchased. Where this offers safety, it also can act as a barrier. How? It can be difficult to get a full rear view as the passenger(s) headrest(s) can get in the way. Driver side seat adjustments help – be sure to ask your sales advisor about power or manual seat adjustability.
  3. Another feature found in newer, sleeker car models is the size of the rear window. It’s at an exaggerated angle and makes the viewing panel appear smaller. Though the design look super elegant, they do not offer the driver as much visibility.

Only be test driving can you identify and pin down the barriers to vision and whether or not the car is right for you.

Test Driving Tips

  1. A quick drive around the block is not enough; spend at least 20 to 30 miles on the road. This will give you a good feel of the car.
  2. Take the car out on different types of roads and terrains, especially those that you use regularly including minor roads with speed bumps and city streets.
  3. If you regularly travel long distances, then it is advisable to go for a long test drive.
  4. Test drive more than one car to compare different models and how they drive, respond and feel.
  5. Try different maneuvers like reversing and be sure to get used to the rear view camera.
  6. If you are fully satisfied with the first test drive, take your time arrange a second test drive on another day. Bring your family, partner, or a friend along.
  7. It’s always a great idea to test the car in rain or snow to see how it drives in inclement weather conditions.
  8. Do not have your stereo on and if the sales advisor is sitting with you during the drive ask them for some quiet time. This will help you concentrate on your driving.
  9. Make sure the seat is comfortable – that is critical.
  10. Don’t feel pressured. If you have any questions regarding the car – just ask.

By following these test-driving tips you can easily make an informed car buying decision to really enjoy the car you choose.