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New vs. Certified Pre-Owned

February 25, 2010 / 

Our dealership provides both new and certified pre-owned cars for you to choose from. Please view this page to help you better understand the benefits of buying each. Still have more questions? Stop in and speak to one of our Sales Associates, or complete the ”Get in Touch” form to the right of this page.

Benefits of buying a new car:

  • Peace of mind that you are getting a brand new vehicle right off the lot.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you have the full warranty, complemented by the fact that there will be negligible, if any, maintenance issues on a brand new vehicle.
  • And besides some new cars like luxury marquees also offer free scheduled maintenance for a certain time frame or mileage, so this is also a bonus point.
  • Updated safety equipment and better safety features than an older model.
  • The latest in technology, entertainment and connectivity upgrades.
  • Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. New cars as compared to the old models are more fuel efficient and more powerful.
  • Banks offer lower financing rates on new vehicles because these are worth more and have not already been affected by depreciation.

Benefits to buying Certified Pre-Owned:

  • All of our certified used vehicles have passed a rigorous inspection. We are happy to show you the vehicles’ maintenance histories to ensure your satisfaction and comfort when buying a used vehicle.
  • Lower depreciation (the rate at which the car loses its value).
  • Lower financing costs and interest rates.
  • Most original warranties are transferable, and buyers of these cars can usually buy extended warranty programs from an authorized dealer.
  • Also, certified cars have been repaired and refurbished to bring it to nearly new car standards.
  • Most of the certified pre-owned programs offer 24 hour roadside assistance. This lasts for the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage.
  • Some CPOs may also offer free maintenance for a specific period of time or mileage limit.
  • Leasing certified cars are much easier. This is an appealing option for those who can’t afford to purchase one.