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How to Drive in Bad Weather

January 22, 2015 / 

If it’s raining or snowing, with the wind picking up and the roads wet, then the best tip to deal with the weather is to stay safe at home. But if you have to go out in your car due to some emergency, then be sure to read some of these basics on bad weather driving tips. These will most likely save you from accidents or breakdowns.

  1. Before you get into your car and start driving, make sure your vehicle is set to deal with the weather outside. Check the tires to determine that they are properly inflated. Also, ensure that the car’s battery is properly charged and there is enough fuel in the tank for the distance you are travelling. Moreover, check the vehicle’s headlights, antifreeze, windshield wipers, and fluids, etc. to avoid any breakdown in the middle of your trip.
  2. In bad weather or otherwise, speed is the most important factor to pay attention to. Since the friction between the road and the tires decreases significantly with increased speed, it takes a longer time for the car to stop. Therefore, always drive slowly and use the brake and accelerator carefully, to avoid skidding.
  3. Bad weather is not the right time to be in a hurry and drive aggressively. Drive in your own lane, without any haste.
  4. Wear your seat belt, not just in bad weather but all the time. It’s the most basic and important safety precaution to be observed.
  5. Grip the steering wheel with both hands and move it firmly in the direction you want to go. Also, keep your eyes on road and avoid things that can cause distractions, such as using mobile phones or changing radio stations.
  6. Obey the signs you see on the road and drive accordingly. The signs have been placed there for your safety and to make you aware of any dangers ahead.
  7. Even after following all the safety measures, there are still chances for a breakdown to occur. In case that happens always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Load all the important tools that you might need in it; we recommend a blanket, first aid kit, rope, jumper cables, flashlight, candle, matches, salt granola bars, drinking water, and cell phone charger.

We hope that by following these simple, but effective car-driving tips, you will be able to make it safely through any storms or bad weather.