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Get the Ideal Upgrades

February 24, 2010 / 

The latest technology, safety and connectivity advancements are available in most cars today. Some of these upgrades can really make a difference in your daily driving experience. Look for them in your next vehicle.

  • Alloy wheels: Alloy wheels are different from steel wheels in several ways. They are lighter in weight, better conductors of heat and have an improved cosmetic appearance. 
  • Audio Equipment: Performance-enhanced sound and listening is available by upgrading the stereo system, DVD changer and speakers.
  • Bluetooth: Allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. This hands-free device comes equipped in many models or can be added.
  • Heated exterior mirrors: Heated exterior mirrors work just like your defroster does, but on your side view mirrors.
  • Heated seats / airflow seats: These features help you maintain a comfortable temperature zone. The seats warm up or cool down quickly and make the morning commute easier.
  • Ignition interlock device: This is a mechanism, like a breathalyzer, installed to your dashboard. Before the motor can be started, the driver first must exhale into the device.  If the resultant breath-alcohol concentration analyzed result is greater than the programmed blood alcohol concentration — usually 0.02% or 0.04% — the device prevents the engine from being started.
  • GPS Navigation device: With today’s advanced navigation systems available, you can easily program an address and get directions to your destination, avoid construction spots or high traffic areas, locate your favorite restaurant in any city, and find the gas station with the lowest price of unleaded.
  • Rearview camera: These cameras provide an unobstructed view of what is behind you when backing up. This is especially helpful when in a tight parking spot.  The camera and moiter are immediately activated when the car is put into reverse.  The moniter sits near the dashboard.
  • Remote starter: Start up your car from the comfort of the foyer or kitchen with a remote starter and get into an already warmed-up  or cooled- down –vehicle, during those extreme temperature months.
  • SIRIUS® Satellite Radio: Enjoy personalized listening with your favorite music, talk shows, sports, weather, traffic updates, and most interesting radio personalities.
  • Warranty – Extended. Buying an extended warranty is buying a service contract that guarantees the manufacturer will pay for repairs and not you. Cars are expensive and very sophisticated machines and therefore cost money to upkeep and repair.  

Be sure to read and understand the warranty so you know what is included in the extended warranty, above and beyond that which is included in your basic warranty.