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Facebook & Your (Home) Security

May 27, 2010 / 

You live in a connected world. You are used to sharing your thoughts, accomplishments, and key moments in life with friends and family. Being able to instantaneously connect and share with friends and followers is a way to keep your many communities up to date with the events and activities of your life.

Did You Know?

The average Facebook user doesn’t really know one-fifth of the people listed as friends. According to a recent survey, it was seen that people tend to put out friend requests and accept them more generously now. And 34% send and accept friend requests to look more popular.

The flip side of this is that you might be sharing too much personal information with all your ‘friends’ on the list, even when they are actually not your friends. For example sharing information about your vacation plans or posting when you are away from home is not always in your best interest. This can pose both personal safety and home security concerns because you can never be sure about the intentions of people you are only friends with on Facebook, not in real life. So, you can be taking a big risk by updating such statuses. You don’t know who is looking at your private information because it’s really not private-it’s public.


Consider that enough home break-ins occur each year by people that we know directly or indirectly or are from the neighborhood. Why advertise that you have left dodge for your safety, don’t be so quick to post when going on that dream vacation, when you are taking the kids back to college or when you are going away for an extended weekend.

The safety of your home may be at stake.