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Driverless Cars in The Future

January 8, 2015 / 

The risk of car accidents increases when drivers divide their concentration and get on their cell phone or in-car entertainment systems. However, to minimize the risk of road accidents, automakers are innovating endlessly. They are constantly developing systems that promote safe driving – like creating driverless vehicles, self-parking and pre-safe systems.

By looking at the rapid technological advancements and continuous innovations, the vision of driverless cars does not seem very farfetched. In fact, automakers are working on this concept relentlessly and soon enough such cars will be available in the market.

Picture this. You get into your car and ask the computer to drive you to your destination while you sit back and relax. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Did You Know?

The most common cause of accidents is driver error.

The Next Evolution

The good news is that most of the technology needed for turning this concept of into reality already exists with automatic emergency braking systems, lane departure warning systems, and smart cruise control to name a few. It’s just a matter of car companies and manufacturer’s putting all of it together, getting the legislation in place and influencing consumer acceptance.

Advocates feel that these cars have the real potential to lower accidents and road injuries that take place every year.

According to industry experts, we can expect prototypes of driverless cars on the streets within a year or two. They also believe that this concept will be widely accepted by people for many reasons, but especially because these fully computerized cars are precise and much better at following rules than humans.