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Don’t Just Go. Go Yillio.

April 1, 2014 / 

Ladies, you’re driving to your week-long vacation, a soccer or gymnastic tournament, ‘the road trip’; you’ve got 150 miles to go. In the car with you: a stressed out spouse and two hungry kids taunting each other, one with a full bladder. Everyone is hungry and cranky and the gas tank is nearly empty. Where do you stop?

Traditional roadside placards and billboards might tell you what’s available at the next exit. Most GPS units and mobile location-based apps will show you places slightly beyond that as well. But nothing I’ve seen yet makes it as easy, simple and fast to search and find thing along your way as www.YILLIO.com does; a new app launched just a few weeks ago. Talk about a time-saver. Oh, yea, money too!

YILLIO is a free route-based app available for both your iPhone or Android mobile. Say you want something to eat and a place to fill up the gas tank; you can select just that combination, your route, and how far you are willing to drive off of your route. YILLIO searches ahead, finds it, and even provides business information from participating businesses such as dinner specials, promotions, coupons and real-time gas prices. By the way, YILLIO highlights the cheapest gas along your route so you can save every time you fill up at the pump.

YILLIO’s app is very different from location-based apps like Foursquare, Yelp, Around-Me and others because it searches along your entire route not just what’s directly 1 or 2 miles around you. Who wants to turn around to get a cup of coffee when you can use YILLIO to find it ahead along your planned route?

According to YILLIO they already have over 200,000 businesses participating coast to coast and adding new businesses every day. I look forward to using it on my next road trip… and I like the name, it’s catchy…
Don’t just go… @YiLLiOapp.