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Car Colors and You

November 2, 2010 / 

Think your choice in car color has nothing to do with your personality?  Think again.  Aside from the make, model, and a mere aesthetic appreciation, your color selection may also shed insight into who you are and your outlook on life.

Our color preferences can reveal a fascinating peak into our nature. Take a look below and see what exterior or interior car colors naturally attract you, and why? Do any of these personality and lifestyle traits resonate?

Reds: Daring, energetic, passionate
Oranges: Trendsetter, unique, happy
Yellows: Wild, confident, fun
Greens: Stabile, resourceful, responsive
Blues: Loyal, responsible, fortunate
Purples: Adoring, strong, richness
Pinks: Feminine, peaceful, caring
Golds: Wise, wealthy, independent
Silvers: Luxury, glamour, clout
Blacks: Sophisticated, authoritative, pride
Whites: Pure, classic, spiritual
Browns: Reliable, modest, friendly

It might be interesting to consider how your choices in vehicle color have changed over the years, in respect to your changing priorities, lifestyle, age and interests of your life.

The Most Popular of Colors?
Studies show that silver has long been the most popular of colors; not only for its simple beauty, but because it is able to conceal a less-than-perfectly-clean car day.  Scratches are also easily concealed on a silver car, and it seems to always be in fashion.

Besides the classics of Silver, Black and White, the new colors of today, draw inspiration from street wear fashion, cosmetics, technology, metals, the elements of nature and global influence. The interiors of cars also reflect more of an individual flair with contrast stitching and outspoken dual-color trims and patterned fabric.

Color Trends-What Lies in the Future?
So what can we expect down the road with the car industry’s fresh creativity?

  • Brighter colors for the younger generation of drivers.
  • Silver, currently the most popular color, will take on tints of blue and other hues.
  • Liquid metal-like finishes and metallics will emerge.
  • Violet blues will continue to rise in popularity.
  • Flat or low-luster finishes, popular on recent concept cars, will make it to production vehicles.
  • Gold and green will re-emerge as hot car colors.
  • Neutral colors like brown and gray will take hold in the luxury market.
  • Orange will assume copper tones as bronze and other metallic colors also emerge.

The road promises to become even more colorful in the future and drivers like you will have increasing abundance of choices when buying a car.