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Best Tire Buying Tips

January 8, 2015 / 

Buying tires for your car may not be on your list of favorite things to do. But for anyone concerned about their car’s safety and performance, the tires require some attention, before it’s too late.

Since tires are the only part of your car that makes any contact with the ground, they are considered a safety feature of the car. Speed, better handling, braking distance, and fuel economy are some major characteristics of your car, directly related to the styles, construction, and composition of your tires. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be selective and precise when it comes to selecting your car tires.

Did You Know?

Weather conditions, such as snow, fog, strong winds, rain, etc, are the reason for 20% of all auto accidents.

What you need to consider:

  • Safety comes first: When buying tires for your car, always look for those that perform well in braking, handling, and resistance to hydroplaning tests. Such tires give you a wider margin of safety when driving and reduce the likelihood of an accident.
  • High performance: The performance of the tires can’t be judged on the bases of its speed only; rather, you must also examine tread style, ride comfort, rolling resistance, noise, and warranty. Particularly, tread style and tread life should be monitored carefully, as these factors determine the grip and durability of the tires, and the speed.
  • Weather conditions: Temperature and pressure affect your tires performance to a great extent. On a hot day, you might find your tires overinflated. On the contrary, on a cold day, your tires might get dangerously underinflated. Therefore, always look for the tires that are best suited to the weather conditions of your region, or the four seasons.
  • Selection of Tires: Talk to our service advisor about when its time to get new tires for your vehicle. In order to get the most out of your investment in tires, ask if our dealership has any deals, coupons or upcoming sales. Once you have finalized the tire model, talk to the service advisor about a package that includes installation, wheel alignment; tire pressure monitor system service, etc. This may make your deal a more cost-effective one.