Anne Fleming

Car Buying Advocate
Member, International Motorpress Association

Anne Fleming is President & Car Buying Advocate of®. She has vast knowledge in this area and shares her insights on negotiating and creating the best dealership experience possible. Growing up in Venezuela and later working abroad in China and India, Anne realized that negotiating is simply cultural. Women in other countries are very comfortable negotiating for themselves. Here in America, however, some women are not fully empowered or comfortable at the car dealership.

Anne spent 20 years in brand development and strategic product development for international consumer product companies like American Eagle Outfitters, Atlantic Luggage, and Cresswell Lighting. Her various roles have encompassed corporate brand identity, market research, product planning and design, strategic partnerships, e-commerce, and trade show management. She negotiated placement deals with shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV Real World, and NBC's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Starting a business in an industry she had no experience in didn't stop her. Through her participation in Landmark Education, she began creating new possibilities in the area of courage and leadership, which opened the door for starting the business. Anne developed, a company with web-based marketing solutions for car dealers that builds trust and transparency, resulting in greater sales and servicing from women. The site connects women to Certified Women-Drivers Friendly Dealers. The company also provides innovative reporting services that create a more enriched and trusting relationship with this powerful buying group. Women subsequently, are empowered to take charge of their automobile experience and have it be rewarding each and every visit.

Anne has used her passion in social networking to elevate her company into the national spotlight, appearing in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, USA Today, Working Mother, and other publications. The company works with dealerships throughout the United States.

Barbara Schwarck

Car Buying Advocate
Vice President Business Development & Training, PCC, MPIA

An Advisory Board member since our inception, Barbara is also responsible for the sales and business development of Women She is instrumental in managing strategic partnerships, research and product development, as well as the training and coaching of dealerships' personnel.

For over a decade, Barbara has led an international people development company, Clear Intentions Inc., training and coaching executive business leaders who want to eliminate cross-cultural communication challenges.

Barbara is the author of From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman's Guide to Following Her Dream


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