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10 Fuel Savings Tips

May 4, 2010 / 

Whether you are driving a hybrid, electric, diesel, or, your ten year old tried and true ‘workhorse’, the following tips will make a difference in your fuel savings all year round.

Did You Know?

Save real money at the pump by simply turning off your car’s engine when idle, using cruise control on longer trips, and always following the speed limit.

  1. Air conditioning – The more you use it, the more gas you are using.
  2. Cruise control – Utilize cruise control whenever possible, especially with highway driving. This keeps your vehicle moving at a steady pace, which prevents spikes in your gas level.
  3. Don’t speed – Speeding uses unnecessary fuel. Ask yourself, is that extra time savings really worth the high risk, and the additional cost of using more fuel?
  4. Aerodynamic drag – Having your windows open or speeding on the highway are factors that create more resistance, which makes your engine work harder, and your gas tank empty faster.
  5. Idling – Unnecessary engine action is a telling sign of idling. If you’re going to be sitting in your car waiting – even if just over a minute – save gas by shutting off the car and restarting when needed.
  6. Minimize trips – Factor everything you have to do and all the errands to run, and try to  consolidate into as few a trips as possible.
  7. Octane rating – Read your owner’s manual to find out which octane rating is right for your car, and use that type of gasoline.
  8. Oil changes – Closely follow your preventative maintenance schedule and change your vehicle’s oil regularly to keep your car running well and to prolong its life.
  9. Tires – Keep your tires properly inflated, now made easier with built-in sensors, to keep your car running smoothly and to maximize its responsiveness.
  10. Weight – Don’t keep heavy, unnecessary items in your car or in the trunk as this only adds more burden and slows your vehicle.