3 Ways for Being More Powerful

Susan E West

President, QuadWest Associates, LLC "Women as passionate leaders enhance the world unleashing communities of compassion, vitality, abundance and creativity. When confident, women give and share all they have with others. Inspire their leadership and we all benefit."

This is my vision. And, every day I strive to empower passionate leadership in women. It is my belief more women need to step up. Women need to recognize what they have to offer. Women need to make a difference in bigger ways.

Here are three key ways you can begin to take your leadership to the next level:
  1. Know Who You Are. Be aware of the impact you are having on others. Being so task oriented and deadline driven, you do not take the time to understand how you are interfacing with others. How effective are you? Are your messages being understood as you intended them? How do others perceive you? Increasing your awareness of your own behaviors and the impact it has on others, allows you the opportunity for more choices; the choice to take a more powerful action. Today, for one day, be totally aware of your actions and how others are responding. Are you being overlooked, ignored? Or are you dominating the conversation, talking too much? Observe the reaction, check for understanding and be aware of how your behaviors are impacting others. This is the powerful beginning of becoming a passionate leader.
  2. Invest In Yourself. Create your own net worth. So often women put themselves last taking care of others first. Increasing my awareness, as suggested in the point above, allowed me to see how when I let myself get rattled, frustrated or if I felt insecure or lacking, it had a major effect on my family and on my team. Their behavior became a reflection of my own. What a mess that was! I began to take ownership of my personal and professional development. I began to invest in myself. This meant I took time out of the office to attend workshops or attend evening seminars. I sought out learning opportunities in my career accepting lateral moves and asking for promotional positions. By investing in myself, I knew I could learn anything and my confidence grew. And, I learned to value myself and others did too. Ultimately, my net worth increased.
  3. Celebrate Small Victories! You can get caught up in the daily tasks; the daily challenges and forget how far you have come. I love taking a few moments each month to see how I am doing, how my family is growing, how the team is progressing and how the organization is faring. I look to see if we satisfied the customer, reached a milestone in a project or learned something new. I do not need much to Celebrate! A toast to a job well done with the click of two coffee mugs, a bit of chocolate to share, a thank you note to the team or dinner out with the family... take the time each month to Celebrate the Small Victories!
When women find their leadership voice and stand by their values in all areas of their life, the lives of everyone around them changes for the better. I encourage you to experience the rewards of leadership by stepping up one day at a time. Visit http://www.LeadershipTipsForWomen.com for encouragement and more tips.

Receiving Leadership Power Tips from Susan West is free. To learn more, and to begin your career changing journey to powerful leadership today, visit http://www.LeadershipTipsForWomen.com. Or contact QuadWest Associates at 800-809-2721. Susan West has held many executive leadership positions during her 26 years of business experience in the Automotive and Staffing fields. She shares her knowledge and lessons learned through a variety of programs offered by QuadWest Associates, LLC including coaching, leadership workshops and tele-seminars. Top