Recession-Busting Tips

Stephanie Barnhart

Stephanie Barnhart is an Automotive Specialist for Comcast Spotlight automotive dealers.

All you have been reading about in the news today is recession, recession, recession. Instead of buying into the negative spin, I suggest you begin to think about "value." It's time to re-train ourselves on primal instinct, and protecting what is ours... our hard earned cash!

Spurred by consumers' fear, retailers (auto dealers included) are offering some of the best deals in years. Consider that now is the best time to start taking advantage of these offerings! Start bargaining like a true female! The rich don't become rich by spending, they do so by SAVING!

ways to SAVE:

  1. Who pays for overpriced gas these days? There are many sites that offer listings of the cheapest gas within a specified mile radius of your zip code. Some of them, such as  will even text the cheapest location to your phone! Your boss won't be mad anymore that you're on your cell phone all day when you impress her with such information!

  2. Ladies' Day! Personally, I love this one. The car wash down the street offers "the works" every Monday to ladies for $10. That saves me almost $5-6 dollars each time if I can hold off till Mondays, and with a Hummer, I tend to visit the car wash a lot. Shop around to find other ladies days in your areas, including businesses that provide discounts on routine oil changes.

  3. Music to my ears... Buy 3 Get One Free. Most dealerships or even automotive centers are offering new incentives, such as free oil changes after you purchase a minimum amount. Why pay if you have to? Do your homework to see who is offering the lowest prices, and who is offering the best deals. Even negotiate, as many are willing to "beat" the price of their competitors, if you can prove a lower price.

    Dealers also love referral programs. If your service it outstanding, recommend it a friend (and don't forget to review it at If they buy a car there, or even get serviced, a lot of dealers will give you a kick-back!

    * While you are there, keep up with maintenance on your vehicle, and be sure to check your vehicle's air pressure and air filters which have an impact on improving gas mileage. Stop being so pretentious and get your hands dirty and check ‘em! Or, boyfriends and husbands work well, too.

  4. Time is Money! Learn to group your errands together, and of course, when you can walk to the post office instead on your lunch break, do it! Who likes to sit in traffic anyways? Use the money you save on gas to treat yourself to a manicure on your next errand trip…just make sure it's "en-route." And don't forget to use that 20% off manicure services you saw advertised, either...

  5. Don't Fear Your Vehicle. Put together little 2-5 day getaways that involve driving somewhere. Comcast offers "one tank trip" programs that offer consumers all the sites to be seen around your local city that you can reach all within one tank of gas! Don't let the "R" word get you down, get out and enjoy the free things in life.

  6. Job Loss Insurance? Not just a myth! I said earlier there were some pretty incredible options out there now-a-days. Hyundai just introduced (and GM and Ford have recently followed the trend) a new program that when buying a car, you can purchase "job loss insurance." This means, that if you happen to lose your job, the dealer will BUY BACK your outstanding loan. And, their new 2009 Hyundai Genesis was just named North American Car of the Year.  If that doesn't let out a sigh of relief, I don't know what will.

Use these tips to get a head start on the economy, and use your dollars where they make sense in automotive! Now, females can show they are more in-tuned to what is going on with their vehicle.