Strengthen the Economy-

One Job at a Time

Lisa Spahr

We've all heard that we're facing a recession. Whether to believe it or not is not the purpose of this piece. To see where you can impact your local economy is.

One. Recognize that spending habits have changed. People owe their lives to banks these days. How much do you have on credit cards? Yet, I bet you are still planning to take a nice holiday this year? I don't fault you for that (I'm planning my own) but I do encourage you to evaluate your spending habits and your debt-to-income ratios very carefully. Make three commitments to yourself, your wallet and your responsibilities as to how you can improve over the next three months.

Two. Evaluate how you make money. What do you do best? And, how much time do you spend doing what you do best? I'll bet that the thing that makes you the most money gets less than 25% of your time. For instance, say you have a job where your raise is based on you hitting your target. The more you surpass your target the more you make. If you just make your target you think you won, but I'd argue that you missed making more money by not going further. You probably got lost in (a) the target was too low and (b) you were spending your time pushing a lot of paper or running errands when you could have been out there making money with new clients.

So, how is this helping the economy you say? I'm getting there. It's all about outsourcing.

Three. Outsource the things that you don't do spectacularly. Outsource the things that take your time away from what you do well- and what makes your money grow. Spend a little... to get more.

Hire a house cleaner. Hire a virtual assistant. Hire someone to wash your car once a week. Buy your time- literally, by paying for someone else's.

Sure, I could do my taxes on my own but the time and aggravation are not worth it to me. I'd rather pay an expert in the field and then spend my time (and ease of mind) playing racquetball. Okay, Okay, so I don't make money playing racquetball but I do build my confidence, keep myself in shape and have a great time doing it. All of that helps me to be my best when I face my clients- which does make me money.

Happy outsourcing. Happy Money. Happy Economy. Oh, and Happy Vacationing. Have one on me.

Lisa Spahr, Owner of Spahr Consulting
A Life Coach for Better Living
(412) 867-9991