Gear Up for Back to School

Suzy Wagnitz, Owner of

Sweep the beach sand out of your car and get ready for Back to School with some super cool car organizers. Whether you are returning to the halls of high school or stepping into a college lecture room has a wide range of decorative car accessories to get you prepped for the new school year.

This year don't just organize the stuff in your locker or dorm room - it is time to organize your ride. If clutter is your middle name than it is time to take take action. Start by stashing your cell phone, sunglasses and lip gloss in a leopard print driver pocket that conveniently attaches to your car's air vent. offers stylish car organizers for your front and back seats to help you put everything in place. Do you even know what you sort of junk you have in your trunk? The handy cargo tote in pretty pink is perfect for storing all of your sports equipment or transporting your school gear.

And Mom's you could use a little organization too. Try the stylish and practical blue driver organizer to hold all of your car essentials: cell phone, tissues, maps, Johnny's report card - you get the idea. Or keep your shopping bags from spilling all over the back seat with a set of car hooks. Take a look at what you like to keep in your car and use a decorative car organizer to manage the clutter.

Of course back to school isn't just about cleaning and organizing your car - have some fun with a few car decorations. You will be the envy of your college friends with a sparkling hot pink crystal license plate frame or cute yellow daisy auto vase. Don't be just another boring co-ed arriving on campus in your compact car. This year add some pizzazz to your ride and catch the boys' attention with a set of white and black zebra print seat covers and matching zebra floor mats. Start the new school year out right with a well organized car. is the girls place to shop on-line for car organizers and decorative car accessories.