Courtney Caldwell

Editor-in-Chief of Road & Travel Magazine

Caldwell Communications, Inc. dba ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine, targets upscale consumers with a slant towards women. An avid auto and travel enthusiast determined to give a voice to the women?s market, Courtney Caldwell was fueled with passion to make a difference. She created the first national magazine to specialize in auto, travel and safety-related issues for women. Launched in 1989 as a print magazine, ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine (RTM) raced to the Internet in 2000 with Caldwell as the driving force.

The mission of RTM is to provide quality content that is relevant and timely with a focus on three of the most important issues to women consumers; auto, travel, and personal safety. Empowering consumers with this information saves time; a commodity aggressively sought but in short supply in most women's busy lives. Because both the auto and travel industries market to women, RTM serves as the most comprehensive resource available to women.
Courtney serves as a national consumer advocate and spokesperson on behalf of the women's market and has worked with national media outlets such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and CNN, and others.

Courtney has had fascinating careers prior to launching RTM. She combined her Taekwondo black belt training and daredevil driving skills acquired on the back roads to become a stuntwoman. "My specialties were spinning cars, riding motorcycles, and fight scenes. I worked with people like Sam Elliott, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell." She also is an experienced accountant, and worked for a time as a controller for Pierre Cardin, and as a personal assistant to singer Peggy Lee.

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