Get your New Year's Resolution Back on Track

Chris Posti

We're not so far into the new year, but already, many of our New Year's resolutions have fallen by the wayside.

If one of your resolutions had something to do with getting yourself better organized, here's a little tip that can have a huge influence on getting yourself organized. And it starts with your car, of all things.

Go look inside your car. What do you see? Gum wrappers, wrinkled grocery receipts, and used napkins? Is there road salt and grit all over the floor mats? How about your glove compartment - can you actually locate your insurance card in there?

You see, how well you maintain the inside (and the outside, for that matter) of your car is a reflection of how well you take care of the details of your life, those little things that keep you organized - or not.

So, if you are struggling with not being able to find stuff in your home office; if you can't find all your papers for your tax return; or if you have lost another phone number that you wrote down SOMEwhere - well, start with your car, and expect great things to happen with all your organization skills!

This weekend, take a vacuum cleaner and a garbage bag to your garage. First, pick up everything that doesn't belong in the car and toss it into the garbage bag or put it in your house where it actually belongs. Do a thorough vacuuming. Drive up to the local car wash (unless you happen to live in one of those warm weather states where all us Northerners wished we were living right about now), and get one of those wash & wax specials. If you live in warm weather, well, you ought to be outside enjoying it, so why not wash and wax your own car?

When you get home, take a moment to admire your beautifully clean and well organized car and marvel at the effort you've put into it. In the days afterwards, what you have accomplished will really begin to seep in. You will notice how much better you feel about getting into your car. You'll feel more in control because you will be able to find items in your glove compartment. You won't be embarrassed when you give someone an unexpected lift.

Now you are on a roll! Keep the momentum going by tackling some other disorganized part of your life - a closet, a home office desk, a file cabinet. You can do it, step by step, one space at a time!

And just think. This all started with a failed New Year's resolution. Glad you were able to turn it around and get back on the track to success!

About Chris Posti
Like a speedy car, Chris Posti is a woman on the go. She has been providing behavior change coaching and outplacement services for 18 years ( Chris is a newspaper columnist, former talk radio show host and author of "Marriage On and Off the Rocks: Intimate Stories of Marriages that Made It and Others that Didn't" (, now available on The book, just like her consulting work, helps people understand simple but profound truths about what they need to change in order to have successful marriages and relationships.