Emotional Alignment

Your Key to Successful Negotiation

Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA

"To be an effective negotiator, you must go beyond such tactical elements of closing the deal as doing your research, staying neutral and knowing the other party. You must also be emotionally aligned with your goal; fully believing that you can successfully negotiate the deal. Without emotional alignment, your fears and insecurities will lead you astray and your results will be less than desirable." Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA, President, Clear Intentions, Inc. "

Did you know that your body holds the key to every one of your fears, insecurities and limitations? Your body knows what you think you're worth, why you can't change and whether or not you can successfully negotiate a car deal. Of course we all want the most car for the least money, but most of us privately doubt whether we are really good, smart, or worthy enough to get the best deal. This type of "thinking" ends up determining our success.

How can this be? Emotions are part of the natural response process people have to virtually every situation we encounter. Each emotional response is produced from a chemical reaction in our body, triggered by events that occurred in the past. In other words, we don't respond newly to events happening right now. Instead, our brain is programmed to attach the new experience to a prior one, some similar situation from the past. In a split second, these experiences combine, and the "new" experience triggers an unconscious reaction to the past, and we behave accordingly. In this way, "emotional baggage" from a single, seemingly insignificant past event can residually impact our behavior in the present, instantaneously building "safe" boundaries for what we say is possible, but ultimately disempowering ourselves and limiting our full potential. Negotiating for a car is a stressful occasion likely to trigger such an incongruous response in the body.

The human brain has three major parts called the neo-cortex, limbic system and reptilian brain, which all have a drive of their own. When any of these three parts are in conflict, you will sabotage your conscious will to satisfy the desires of one or more of the other drives. Emotional alignment means all three parts of your brain are rowing together in the same direction to take you where you consciously want to be going.

Suppose your neo-cortex, or conscious mind, wants you to have a successful car buying negotiation. This is rational, logical and a good way to save money. Coincidentally, your reptilian brain, which is unconscious and consumed by survival, is terrified that you're going to be dominated and taken advantage of by the salesperson. Moreover, your limbic system or subconscious mind is paralyzed by how much the salesperson reminds you of your struggling brother, of whom you'd never dream of taking advantage.

The problem of alignment becomes obvious when described in such a hypothetical way. With these differing patterns of thought and feeling running in the background of your car negotiation, it is very unlikely that you will be successful. In most cases, however, we are clueless about what is going on in the limbic (subconscious) or reptilian (unconscious) parts of our brain.

NET®, or Neuro Emotional Technique, is a technology used to align peoples' body and mind with the emotional prospect of manifesting their goals, dreams and visions. It creates emotional alignment between the three parts of your brain and your goals, assisting you in producing amazing results in all areas of life. NET uses the connection between your mind and body to uncover the particular patterns that are currently blocking you from manifesting your goals. Once the present and historical basis of your pattern is revealed, the unresolved energy gets released and neutralized and permanent alignment is established. You are then free to create and enjoy an experience of freedom and success in every area of life. To find out more, visit www.clearintentions.net/net.htm.

Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA is president of Clear Intentions, Inc., an international people development company located in Pittsburgh. We lead and launch people and organizations to manifest their goals, dreams and visions through NET®, coaching, assessments, keynote speaking and training. To create immediate and lasting success in all areas of life, we use a technology called NET®, which aligns your body and mind with your goals. Results include: having more money, transforming relationships, remarkable success, and anything else your heart desires. Clear Intentions: leading and launching YOU to manifest your potential.