Need Help in Negotiating your Next Vehicle?

With the New Year here, there are so many of you women that are going to upgrading your vehicle. Ever consider having a negotiator to all the work for you? With over 19 years of experience negotiating 7500 plus new vehicles, From Car to Finish saves you the immeasurable time required to negotiate with dealers and go from dealership to dealership. You’ll bypass the stress of the negotiating process, save time by not having to negotiate for hours with multiple dealers, with no guarantee you did well for the effort, and know you got both a fair price and also the guaranteed lowest price available in your area. Simply put, these fabulous folks ACTUALLY NEGOTIATE your new vehicle for you, so you don’t have to, AND they give you a lowest-price, money-back guarantee. Additionally, their website offers free tools and advice to help you research, price, and compare new vehicles. From Car to Finish is a nationwide service that has been quoted in Forbes,,,, and


Bonus! members get a $10 discount off our the full price of our service, normally $199. Use promo code 10womendrivers on our order form at checkout at or call 240-403-1069.



Note: promo code applies to first vehicle for each make ordered (i.e. if a customer orders a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Corolla, the discount applies towards the first vehicle, since From Car to Finish already discounts it’s service fee for additional vehicles of the same make by 50% off the full price rate). Offer does not apply to any applicable shippingcharges).

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