Women’s Wednesday #58: Women’s #1 Digital Destination is Your Website | 7 Ways to Engage

An estimated 8 million new cars will be bought by women this year. It is critical that dealers’ websites cater to this substantial segment of the market.

The good news? The #1 digital resource women report using first is their local dealership’s website. In our 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report, 76.3% of women said it was “helpful or informative.”

7 Ways to Attract More Women Buyers
1. Create a community/ lifestyle page, and use them to highlight your vehicles within various social and lifestyle settings.
2. Include online games in your social media platforms and link them back to your website, where users can collect prizes.
3. Create “how-to” videos for women and post them on your website and on YouTube. Focus on the owner experience.
4. Fill your website with lifestyle photos featuring diverse women and families.
5. Create engaging content that highlights the various stages of the vehicle-ownership experience.
6. Create women-centric ads that speak to what matters to women. Differentiate your dealership from the rest of the pack.
7. Highlight current dealer reviews from women, for women.

Women’s Car Guide

Women’s Car Guide provides educational + engaging content to leads, guests and clients. It builds trusts, has women stay on your site longer, and demonstrates you care. Reviews are integrated. Mobile platform available.

Women’s Wednesday #57: 2017 Women’s Buying Report & Best Practices for Dealers

In today’s hyper-competitive industry, women buyers are crucial for dealer’s success. Advertising ‘the best price’ or having a female spokeswoman is not enough to have them visit your dealership first.

Certified Trusted Dealers have a cumulative 97.1% satisfaction score vs non-certified trusted dealers 85.5% satisfaction score. What a difference! Best business practices are included to elevate your female client experience to help achieve increased market share, sales and retention.

Click for easy access to the 2017 US Women’s Car Dealer Report & Trends.

Here are some game-changing data points:

  • 45% of women purchase cars by themselves
  • 53% of millennial car buyers are women
  • 38% of women out-earn their husbands
  • 56% of women do not buy from the brand dealer closest to their home

What actions will you put in place to be a destination dealership?

Women’s Wednesday #56: Top 17 Items on Womens New Years Wish List

Below are the top 17 items on women’s New Year’s list when it comes to car dealerships and the service drive for 2017. Here’s an opportunity to add some new options to market and engage to the growing car drivers and buyers and expand your business.

At The Dealership

  1. Buying a car in a relaxed, zero pressure environment.
  2. Child care made available during the test drive and negotiation process.
  3. A 3-day return program which instills a boost of buyer confidence.
  4. Sales advisors with high emotional intelligence who have the capacity to recognize buyers’ emotions and guide the process accordingly.
  5. Privacy when buying a vehicle. Preferably one that doesn’t include old grey cubicles.
  6. A warm sales environment with aesthetics including artwork, paint, plants, and graphics portraying a balanced demographic.
  7. A more balanced demographic among sales and service advisors.
  8. Current, easy-to-find, authentic reviews showcasing how the dealership interacts with women buyers.
  9. Dealers that offer seminars on the latest car technology, insurance savings, mobile apps, and other useful information.
  10. Home and workplace test drive delivery.
  11. Complimentary child car seat seminars and fittings. Talk about building customer loyalty.

In The Service Drive

  1. Longer service hours to accommodate working women.
  2. Yoga or work out room while waiting for car to be serviced.
  3. Mobile repair dealership that will come to customers’ homes to do oil changes, put snow tires on, etc.
  4. Loaner vehicles for women. This is the #1 requested item by women.
  5. Kid-friendly play areas, café areas, and wifi are all huge perks.
  6. A stop-in-anytime pass for free car washes. Great loyalty builder.

Engage More Women in 2017

Looking for ways to engage more women buyers in 2017? Click Here.

Ready… Set… Winter!

December 21st is the official start of winter, but depending on where you live, you may have already fallen victim to its first arctic blasts. Some of you that live in the west or the south can skip this blog, but for most of the country, winter will soon be upon us. According to the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac, this winter is going to be a doozy filled with bone chilling temps and lots of ice and snow.

A few simple steps to take care of the inside and outside of your car will go a long way towards keeping your ride safe and smooth this winter – whether you’re headed on a ski trip to the mountains or just trying to navigate a blizzard on your way home from work. Before the cold, wintry weather moves in to stay, make sure car is ready for the season with these Ready, Set, Winter! tips from Michelin:


EMERGENCY KIT: Carry an emergency kit with gloves, blanket, flares, a shovel, flashlight, water, extra batteries and cell phone charger, as well as an emergency contact list with important phone numbers.

BATTERY: Battery capacity is decreased significantly by cold weather. Before the winter months, have your dealer or mechanic check it to ensure it’s at peak performance. It’s also a good idea to carry jumper cables in your car, should you ever need someone to give you a boost.

HEATER & DEFROSTER: Make sure the heater and defroster are in proper working condition for occupant comfort and visibility.

INTERIOR MATS: Using winter mats in your car can go a long in keeping your car’s interior clean during the snowy, slushy months.


TIRES: Tires lose pressure as temperatures drop. Even if winter conditions are mild, remember to check your pressure once a month.

If you’re driving where temperatures consistently approach freezing, consider a winter tire like the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, built for superior traction and handling in winter conditions.

LIGHTS: Inspect your headlights and brake lights to ensure they’re fully functioning, which are especially important during winter fogs or heavy snow.

WIPERS: Buy washer fluid with antifreeze solution to protect visibility and ensure windshield blades are in good working order.

WAX: A fresh coat of wax before the snow flies can help protect against damage from salt and dirt.

Safe Travels this Winter.

Women’s Wednesday #55: How Your Dealership Can Capitalize on Emoji’s

Last time, we discussed how imperative it is for your sales advisors to recognize, understand and empathize with the emotions of each buyer. Discerning emotions can impact the approach and the sale. And this, readers, directly influences your dealership’s reputation!

Women & Reviews: A Closer Look
Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealers have a 92% Satisfaction Rating which is 23% higher than Non-Certified Dealers. How does this translate to your CSI and Retention Rate? In a BIG way.

Maybe it's time for you to consider what the cost is of not having a marketing plan to women. Learn More Now.

First to Market: Emoji’s Boost Sales & Reputation
Emojis are pervasive in social media, and serve an important purpose. Since emoji’s are so common, people have adapted to both selecting and interpreting the meaning behind them.

Since women rely on dealer reviews 50% more than men, it is important that women not only be able to read reviews by other women, but that can see at-a-glance summary of someone’s experience. Women-Drivers.com added emoji’s to help reviews better identify their feelings.
And, it's quick.

How can your dealership capitalize on the use of emoji’s? Ultimately, the emotions experienced go beyond classification within a few emoticons. Emotions make up a large part of a shopper’s experience. This will result in happy, smiley faces on both your customers and in your reviews! And, your bottom line.

Women’s Wednesday #54: Do Emotions Play A Part In The Process?

Car Buying and Emotions, Part I
Women shop and buy cars for a number of reasons, but regardless of the reason, emotions are involved in every step. The emotional range can start with excitement about the prospects of a new car, to apprehension when signing papers, to frustration when taking a car in for service.

Why Emotions Matter
During the buying process, your customers will experience a range of emotions. You know this. It is important to understand how these emotions ultimately end up reflecting on your dealership.

Women-Drivers.com has tracked the emotions reported by 3,105 women car buyers, and they are:

  1. Excited 55.7%
  2. Relaxed 34.4%
  3. Confident 30.7%
  4. Apprehensive 30.3%
  5. Nervous 25.8%
  6. Overwhelmed 20.1%
  7. Intimidated 11.4%
  8. Confused 8.6%
  9. Frustrated 8.6%

These percentages add up to more than 100% because respondents can submit multiple answers.

It’s key for your sales advisors to recognize and understand these emotions. They are a normal part of the buying process for any large-ticket item. What becomes important is the ability to discern if these emotions are helping or hurting the approach. Savvy advisors ask the right questions to see if the negative emotions can be minimized by assisting a female buyer to feel more comfortable with the decision being made.

For example, a buyer who is overwhelmed or confused can easily decide to stop the process before it is completed. Recognizing these emotions and taking steps to clarify any buyer’s questions can mean the difference between saving and losing a sale. A buyer’s frustrations can be mitigated by streamlining the sales and financing process to eliminate wasted time.

Emotions make up a large part of a shopper’s experience, and smart dealerships will learn to monitor and do what is necessary to keep the emotions on the positive side.