Women Drivers & National DUI Crackdown

Women drivers: Pass on that drink. And, the next one. And, the next one.  Not only for your safety and protection, but for the safety and protection of another’s life.

Our friends at the NHSTA say ‘buzzed driving is still drunk driving’. Make no mistake. I know. Some of us have driven buzzed. And, we got home safely. After doing this a few times, we become Herculean in our impaired state and continue doing so each time we go out. Like it is OK. Like it is SOP.

No more.


US Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, on Wednesday declared that a national campaign to curtail drunk driving is underway between now and Labor Day– with the spotlight on women drivers. Over a 9 year run, from 1998 through 2007, DUI charges and arrests for women increased by an overwhelming 30%. At the same time, the number for men increased 7.5%.


The AP reports that in 2008, 11,773 lives ended in accidents involving drunk drivers. I assert that we all have been in towns the size of 11,000 or smaller. In fact, some of you live in those communities. So, imagine in one year, an entire ‘hometown’ disappearing. Incredible.

Ladies, let's welcome this initiative. Drive smart, be safe. As you are making plans for the evening ask for support. Be intentional about it. Ask your trusted friend or mate to support you by shutting you off after 2 drinks. Simple as that. And by the same token, take your friends keys when it’s appropriate – no need to be ‘nice and I tried my best’ as they walk out the door to get behind the wheel. 

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