The G-20 Summit: The World is Watching Pittsburgh

Context is everything.

Pittsburgh, known as a city no stranger to the sports universe, will be showcasing a new context this week. And, not just to the 98.7 million folks who watched the highest viewed Super Bowl, either.


This week begs that the number of people in the world watching, reading, texting, blogging, talking, complaining, anticipating, arguing, protecting, training, reporting, orchestrating, transforming, updating, preparing, expecting, filming, cleaning, analyzing, posturing, scheming, debating, protesting, ignoring, questioning, calculating, disagreeing, waiting and shielding this confluence city will be beyond any number ever imaginable in its’ 250 year old history.


Renaissance City. Three Rivers City. Six-burgh. City of Champions. Steel Town. These affectionate terms are valid and only tell part of the story. Under a new context (which our nation and others have slowly been discovering), Pittsburgh is continuously defining and expanding itself as a leading medical, robotics, biotech and green community.


This week’s G-20 Summit of the top 20 world leaders, including our President Obama, will be hosted by Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This Summit opens up a conversation about many high ranking political and economic issues impacting the globe in 2009 and beyond. It will also open up conversations about this city.


The world is watching Pittsburgh. What will the unresolved standoffs be? What will the resolutions and next steps of the Summit look like? What will the the impact and effect of the protestors be? Will this newly created context stay top of mind when the word ‘Pittsburgh’ is mentioned? One can’t yet say just yet, other than to speculate. But by this time six days from now the watching world will know.


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