Black & Gold is Pretty Passionate in Pink

Was it Baltimore losing their first game of the season? Was it that the Steelers were up against the wall in their conference at 1-2? Or, was it their black and gold uniforms with bright pink accents that led to a passionate shootout leading our boys to a 38-28 victory over the San Diego Chargers?  

I love the NFL’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness month! Players, coaches and staff are adorned this month with gloves, shoes, spikes, hats, armbands and other accessories that are loud and supportive. With so many player's mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfreinds and ex's being affected by cancer, it is no surprise that the NFL, a professional organization made up of nearly 2,000 men, would be in full gear.  

What was a surprise, however, was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's headline of this story yesterday, "Manly Men Wear Pink."


Just what is it about men and the color pink? Where did the idea of a man's masculinity being called publically into question by the donning of the color pink? What is the deal with men being judged and placed on such a polarized sexual span? Meaning, he is either a ‘a man’s man’, a real man, or a manly man" or, he is a “homo”. Of course, on the sexuality continuum, he could qualify as a ‘metro’. Wow. What power this color has. Like no other color I know.


Have you ever noticed, women with our love of fashion and color, simply do not have any equitable conversation like this?


A jarring history lesson points to the fact that in our country in the 1920’s – and into the early 40’s –  pink was a color frequently worn by young men. Close in the spectrum to red, pink exuded masculinity. Women during this same time frame, interestingly, wore light blue. From a Christian and specifically, Catholic perspective, light blue was a color worn by the Virgin Mary, and represented delicacy and being dainty. 

A ‘switcharoo’ of these colors occurred in the 40’s, and we never looked back. A baby in the womb today starts getting clothes, carriages and walls painted one color or another. We are born into an already always listening of these two powerful colors. And, god forbid, if the child steps over those rigid color boundaries.

So, is it possible to leave a man's masculinity, emotional capacity and sexual slant at the door when he is wearing any flavor of this bright color?  Heck, even yellow or orange do not get this much talk time or print!                                                                                                                         

I don’t care much about how masculine (or, god forbid, effeminate) any NFL player is. I love the game.  I love that the highest profile sport and its’ participants are bringing such prolific attention to a disease that affects the women these men know and love.

Here is to a passionate Steeler victory. More signifcantly, here is to generating awareness and making a difference with people and with the disease!

Drive Your Bargain,

Anne,Car Buying Advocate

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