3 Excellent Road Trip Apps for your iPhone


If you have an iPhone, you have a valuable tool for any road trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving across town or you’re heading across the country. The iPhone has a wide variety of apps that can serve any purpose and fit any need that may arise on the road. With the large number available, it’s hard to filter through them all and decide which ones you need. Lucas Taylor from Kanetix.ca offers suggestions for three of the best apps for your road trip.

1. Maps Buddy – $0.99

Maps Buddy is an app for the iPhone that’s useful specifically for searching Google Maps. Using the default phone browser can be a pain. Maps Buddy takes the default maps app stocked with the iPhone and enhances it. Maps Buddy automatically determines your current location when you fire it up.

Once started, it has a selection of buttons for common destinations — coffee shops, Chinese restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more. Simply tap on the button for the destination you’re searching for, and it will pull up a route directly to the nearest. If you have common destinations in mind that the program doesn’t already know, you can customize them. No trip to a new destination should be without Maps Buddy.

2. Road Trip Lite – Free

Road Trip Lite is a free application for the iPhone that allows stat tracking for your trip. It helps you keep track of gas mileage, gas expenses, maintenance expenses, and much more. It’s a quick and easy interface that allows you to input your data and be on your way in seconds.

If you want more, you can buy the full version of Road Trip for $4.99. The full version offers odometer readings, data export, currency conversion, enhanced graphs and even more. Five bucks may seem like a lot for an app, but this one does so much it earns its keep.

3. Road Trip Fun – $0.99

Road trips are a time of family bonding and mutual irritation. Parents having to deal with children is a fact of life. Remember the days of trying to spell the alphabet with license plates and road signs? No parent should be without the tools of the trade to keep their kids distracted.

Road Trip Fun is a simple application full to the brim with rule sets for various road trip games. Everything is present, from I Spy to the alphabet game to 20 questions. This simple app can save frustrated parents hours of energy trying to distract their children while they themselves are distracted.

When it comes down to it, a road trip can be a fun time, but there are plenty of hassles along the way. With these few simple iPhone applications you can solve much of the hassle, eliminate a wide variety of problems along the way, and keep your kids distracted so they don’t make the trip a stressful experience. The best part is how cheap they all are. It’s like having a complete toolbox for under ten dollars.


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