2011 Top 10 Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ Dealers in the US

Who made the cut for the top car dealerships in the US? The female consumer has spoken and out of 1300 dealerships in the United States receiving reviews, the Top 10 Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ Dealers are in. The Certificate acknowledges the positive, consistent and respectful experiences women had at these dealerships in 2011. Women-Drivers.com hereby awards the following dealerships Certified Women-Drivers Friendly Dealer of the Year.

Wright Nissan

Tom Hull, Wright Nissan GM, and Wright Nissan Sales Team

Sheboygan Auto

Sheboygan Auto
General Manager, Jared Romanowski and Sales Team

Rohrich Toyota

General Manager Mark Podrosky and Sue, Finance Manager

North Hills Toyota

Carlos Echevarria, GM North Hills Toyota, Anne Fleming, President of Women-Drivers.com

Monroeville Chrysler Jeep

Monroeville Chrysler Jeep Team

Jeff Mountain, Monroeville Chrysler Jeep Internet Manager, Vic Olive, Monroeville Chrysler Jeep GM

Kelly Mitsubishi

Tom Carey, General Manager, with Mitsubishi Sales Team

Day Ford

Anne Fleming, President Women-Drivers.com, Debbie Flaherty, Day Ford Owner, Peter Flaherty, Day Ford GM

Day Chevrolet

Dave Steward, Day Chevrolet GM, Anne Fleming, President Women-Drivers.com, Debbie Flaherty, Dave Chevrolet Owner

Baierl Chevrolet

General Sales Manager, Mike Paolucci

Haasz Auto Mall, Chrysler

Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ Dealers are leading the trend towards higher consumer satisfaction via the rising purchasing power of women; these particular dealers are getting more sales, leads and referrals.

What Are the Criteria for Being a Certified Dealership?

A dealership must have a minimum of ten reviews to qualify. For each review written, a rating is posted with scores ranging from a 5.0 (Excellent) to a 1.0 (Marginal). Each review falls under one of three categories: Browsing, Purchasing or Servicing. A Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ rating of 3.8 or higher indicates that a dealership has earned the trust and reputation of being service‐oriented towards women. To retain this status and receive its Benefits, dealers must get reviews continuously.

About Women-Drivers.com

Women-Drivers.com provides car dealers with distinct, web-based marketing solutions that build trust and transparency, resulting in greater sales and servicing from women. Women-Drivers connects women to Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ Dealers and publishes a platform of services to qualifying dealerships to distinguish and market themselves. The innovative Facebook Integration of women+family content results in dealerships building larger social communities, longer time spent on the dealerships site, and more sales conversions. For more information contact [email protected].

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